When you work within any industry and need somewhere to keep your papers and documents safe, you need a things like a strong hinge for a cabinet door, strong materials and locks to make sure it's all kept safe and secure. As well as keep you from accidentally losing and misplacing documents which can happen quite easily no matter how good you think you are at managing things. Essentially every industry does need to make sure that papers are kept safe somewhere, to prevent loss of information, contracts and so forth to avoid legal troubles and other problems that may arise from a loss of information. Sure, there are computers but there's often a need for physical records and you also don't have to worry as much about a harddrive breaking or deleted data on accident on a cloud server if you have an extra method of storing documents and information. Making sure that something as basic as a hinge for cabinet doors are of good quality is paramount for security reasons obviously.


Risks of espionage

When it comes to security there is no denying the risk of industrial spionage so it becomes important to make sure that only people you trust and is supposed to have access to documents are the ones able to get into the cabinet. Something cheap would just increase the risk of important papers being stolen or destroyed, so with solid materials on the cabinet and hinge for cabinet doors you can at the very least make it much more difficult for any thief to get what they want.